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Haohai Postdoctoral Program has been set up since 2015 with a vision for consolidating enterprise as a leading subject for technology innovation,promoting synergy of Industry, University and Research,prompting institution reformfor talent development, and cultivating world leading pioneers and innovation teams to undertake national major scientific research project .


Haohai Postdoctoral Program’s major mission is to launch enterprise-centered R&D projects in biomaterials and ophthalmology. The company has established long-term and stable partnership for translational medicine and joint postdoctoral program with a number of universities and scientific research institutions such as Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital, Shanghai Sixth People's Hospital, Donghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and East China University of Science and Technology.


Haohai put a new premium on postdoctoral program to create advantageous conditions for admissions and cultivation ofinnovative talents in advanced technology. Various favorable measures have been made to encourage postdoctoral fellows to develop professional competence and to award postdoctoral fellow’s research accomplishment:

1. The postdoctoral program is directly supervised by the board chairman of the company, and supported and coordinated with other departments to carry out extensive research projects;

2. The program accepts application of postdoctoral fellow candidates from diversified channels, values perspective of research subjects raised by postdoctoral fellow candidates, and adopts project leader responsibility system for management;

3. Rigorous principles were set to guarantee the fairness during postdoctoral fellow candidates recruiting and authoritative expert panel will appraise comprehensively postdoctoral fellow’s research project before recruiting and after program completion.

4. The company will provide satisfactory compensationand benefit including competitive allowancesand lodging to create a good environment for postdoctoral fellows to work and live.


Post-doctoral workstation recruitment information:

1. Postdoctoral major/research field :

Absorbable biomaterials for medical applications, ophthalmology (IOL, Ortho-K , ICL/TICL, medication, diagnosis, treatment equipment)

2. Expanded R&D:

Antibody drugs


Contact information

Email: Lianqi@3healthcare.com


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