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Another record set! Haohai Biological Technology secures championship on many market segments again


In June 2022, PICO released a report series, indicating that leading products of Haohai Biological Technology including OVD (ophthalmic viscoelastic device), orthopedic joint cavity viscoelastic supplementations and surgical anti-adhesion agent continue leading the domestic market segments.


According to the reports, Haohai Biological Technology secured the largest share of the domestic OVD market for 15 consecutive years, with its market share reaching 50.83% in 2021.


Also earning the same title for the company are surgical anti-adhesion agent products. Currently, surgical anti-adhesion agents produced and sold by the company mainly consist of medical-grade hyaluronic acid and medical chitosan, which occupied 28.85% domestic market share combined in 2021.


Apart from OVD products and surgical anti-adhesion agents that continue leading the domestic market segments, orthopedic joint cavity viscoelastic supplementation of Haohai Biological Technology also firmly secures the largest domestic market share. In 2021, two orthopedic joint cavity viscoelastic supplementation products of the company, namely, sodium hyaluronate injection and medical chitosan, occupied 45.49% domestic market share combined, firmly securing the number one spot in terms of domestic market share for 8 years in a row and constantly setting them apart from the second runner-up.


Moreover, the reports show that Haohai Biological Technology secured the second largest share of recombinant human epidermal growth factor for external use (rhEGF) market in China for 8 consecutive years, with its market share reaching 25.95% in 2021, and continuing expanding.


Market is the most effective touchstone for evaluating a brand and product. The leapfrogging numbers are the best gift to companies, R&D, production and sales teams, also the starting point for sailing off again.


Standing on a new starting point, Haohai Biological Technology will continue working deeply in the existing fast-growing therapeutic fields of ophthalmology, medical aesthetics, orthopedics and surgery, always with a view to improving the quality of life of Chinese people and facilitating patient rehabilitation and by focusing on differentiated development as its corporate strategy.


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