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Concluded perfectly! Haohai Biological Technology’s “Artificial Vitreous Body project” wins the 2021 national disruptive technology innovation competition

At the end of December, Qisheng Biological, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haohai Biological Technology, won the winning project title, the highest award at the 2021 national disruptive technology innovation competition, for its “project of research and production of bionic artificial vitreous body and new-type treatment method for vitreous body regeneration”.


The 2021 national disruptive technology innovation competition is the first of its kind sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology and organized by the Torch High Technology Industry Development Center of the MoST, established primarily to carry out the related arrangements made for the “14th five-year” plan and 2035 long-range objective outline, highlight disruptive technological innovations, increase supply of disruptive technologies, cultivate a culture of disruptive innovation, explore a new mechanism of “discovery-selection-cultivation” for disruptive technologies, discover and dig a group of strategic, forward-looking directions of disruptive technology closely revolving around the prevalent trends of S&T revolution  and the overall direction of industrial transformation in the country, drive China’s original innovation ability and industrial competitiveness up, and provide a powerful engine for the industrial transformation and upgrading and high-quality economic development in the country. 


A total of 2747 projects across the country signed up for this competition, where a total of 403 projects won the title of excellent project; there were only 39 biotechnology projects that won the highest award, including the artificial vitreous body project” from Qisheng Biological, which was selected with unanimous consent.


 “Artificial vitreous body” is termed as a blessing for retinal disease patients and can be applied in almost each retina surgery. Currently, the company’s “new-type artificial vitreous body” development project is at the pre-clinical type test phase, where related development technologies and processes have been patented and published in International Journal of Biological Macromolecule.


Among todays domestic markets, most of vitreous cavity filling products function to temporarily support diseased retina primarily by introducing foreign object, while the artificial vitreous body product that Haohai Biological Technology is developing is committed to simulating the normal physiological structure of human eye to the maximum extent, thus achieving the best possible effect in terms of permeation of light ray and retinal fit, so as to improve the surgical effects and help patients realize the best possible post-surgery vision.


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