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Another “star” member added to intraocular lens product line of Haohai Biological Technology within a month

On November 30, Haohai Biological Technology announced that its subsidiary Henan Universe received a registration certificate regarding heparin-surface aspherical intraocular lens product from the National Medical Products Administration.


This is also another “star” member added to the domestic intraocular lens product pipeline of the company after a preloaded hydrophilic aspherical intraocular lens product P-PCF60/A and intraocular lens products suitable for more extensive patients especially patients with high myopia and hyperpresbyopia PCF60/L and PCF60/AL were approved for registration by the NMPA earlier this month.


This product is the first domestic hydrophilic heparin-surface aspherical intraocular lens product to be approved, suitable for posterior chamber implantation after cataract surgery of cataract patients. This product is made of hydrophilic acrylic acid materials, and the entire intraocular lens surface is treated by heparin to make the product more lubricated for easier surgical implantation. In terms of safety, compared with non-heparin modified intraocular lens, heparin-modified intraocular lens have better biological compatibility and smaller post-surgery inflammatory reaction in clinical use. 


With continuously increased ophthalmological R&D input in recent years, Haohai Biological Technology has enriched its intraocular lens product range, expanded the company’s presence in the field of intraocular lens products, constantly met the patient needs and diversified market demands and further enhanced the comprehensive competitiveness and market expansion capability of the company’s products. 


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