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The first ever domestic! Haohai Biological Technology’s preloaded hydrophilic aspherical intraocular lens approved

Recently, Henan Universe, a subsidiary of Haohai Biological Technology, received registration certificates for its preloaded hydrophilic aspherical intraocular lens product P-PCF60/A and intraocular lens products suitable for more extensive patients especially patients with high myopia and hyperpresbyopia PCF60/L and PCF60/AL from the National Medical Products Administration(NMPA). This means Henan Universe became the first domestic manufacturer to be registered and approved to manufacture preloaded hydrophilic aspherical intraocular lens and intraocular lens with the largest domestic focal power range. 


Compared with traditional non-preloaded intraocular lens, preloaded intraocular lens help with cataract surgeries, reduce surgery time and facilitate standardized surgical operation. Meanwhile, doctors don’t come into contact with intraocular lens during surgery, thereby reducing the odds of surgical contamination. 


The new PCF60/L and PCF60/AL products are approved domestic intraocular lens with the largest focal power range. The addition of these products broadened the intraocular lens power range and total product diameter of the company, better meets the needs of patients with high myopia and hyperpresbyopia and capsule relaxation, provides surgeons with a broader range of options and enlarges the clinical use scenarios of products.  


The addition of the aforesaid models enriched the company’s foldable intraocular lens product series, expanded the company’s presence in the field of intraocular lens products, constantly met the patient needs and persified market demands and further enhanced the comprehensive competitiveness and market expansion capability of the company’s products, playing a positive role in the company’s business development. 


Currently, Haohai Biological Technology has achieved a presence across the whole industry chain in the field of intraocular lens, ranging from raw materials preparation, optical design, innovative technology development to mass production and specialized marketing. As the eye health strategy has become one of national strategies, Haohai Biological Technology launched many products for myopia prevention and control and refractive correction issues with children, teenagers, adults to old people, thus achieving a holistic ophthalmological product line covering all age brackets, ranging from ocular surface to fundus. 



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