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The foundation of the academician expert workstation is to build a bridge between the enterprise and external R&D resources for academic communication and cooperation, with a mission to enhance the R&D and innovation capabilitiesand industrial competence of the enterprise and to improve R&D productivity and to accelerate R&D translation. The workstation has a vision to promote medical absorbable biomaterials industrial technology upgrading and reconstructing independent supported by R&D accomplishment with intellectual property rights, to boost the healthy and sustainable development of the industry, and to provide better quality products and services for the domestic and international customers and healthcare providers .


Since the establishment of the academician expert workstation (hereinafter referred to as the workstation) in 2015, the company has deployed a new R&D system which is address the requirements of the enterprise’s new product development, strengthening the enterprise-centeredinnovation platform with the synergy of Industry, University and Research, solving the industry’s key technologies and R&D difficulties, promoting the development of all parties in industry-university-research cooperation, and providing industry technology transfers, technical consulting, technical training and expert services for other Shanghai and domestic enterprises.


Most demands of differentresearch and development projects will be met, relying on Shanghai Haohai Biological Technology Co., Ltd.’s advantageous talents teams, industrialbase, and R&D condition of the world’s most advanced research and analyticalequipment. The workstation has set a technical staff cultivation and incentives mechanism in research cooperation projects to enhance the research and innovation capacity of the internal R&D group. Moreover, to accelerate the high-level talents team building and to perfect enterprise R&D management, the workstation and the company has formed a scientific system covering the whole process of project feasibility research, project management, project implementation, project inspection, project review, R&D appraisal, intellectual property protection and project reward mechanism, etc. Besides,the workstation provides communication and training opportunities for scientific researchers and technical staff to such asacademic seminar with experts and pioneers in the industries, to arouse enthusiasm and creativity of scientific researchers and technical staff andto drive both company innovation and personal fulfillment.


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