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Haohai Biological Technology is a leading company in China focusing on R&D, manufacturing and sales of biomedical materials. We strategically target the fast-growing therapeutic areas in the biomedical materials market including ophthalmology, medical aesthetics and wound healing, orthopedics, and anti-adhesion and hemostasis. We currently manufacture intraocular lens (IOL), ophthalmology and optometry end products, medical sodium hyaluronate, medical chitosan, medical collage sponge, rhEGF, etc. Based on the sales volume of the Company’s IOL and the number of national cataract surgery cases, the Company has captured about 30% of the IOL market in the PRC and No. 7 biggest IOL manufacturer in the world. Meanwhile, the market share of Company’s OVD products, orthopedics viscosupplementation products and anti-adhesion products, was 50.83%, 45.49%, and 28.85%, respectively.

We believe our R&D capabilities will be the driving force behind our long-term competitiveness, as well as our future growth and development. The Company’s in-house R&D team comprised of more than 300 staff members. At present, we have a national-level enterprise technology center, a national-level postdoctoral research workstation, two national-level R&D platforms, four provincial and ministerial-level technology and R&D transformation platforms, and one Shanghai academician expert workstation, providing a high-quality research platform and a good working environment for the R&D team. At the same time, we have established an integrated R&D system in China, the United State, the United Kingdom, France and Israel, actively introducing, digesting and absorbing overseas advanced technology and management experience, forming an interactive R&D layout at home and abroad.

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